Growin' Up Country Testimonials


It brought back so many memories, some of the things I had not thought about for years. The Bond Bread Man, the chicken auction on the radio during the summer months, Rev. Schultz, the Christmas tree (ours looks like a Charlie Brown tree, always cut from the woods), listening to Ralph Hoebee on Saturday, the Hudson car (we had three of them), the Inlet Bridge collapse (our family went down and watched as they retrieved the cars), Saturday night on Main St. Georgetown, and of course the Blue Rocks team. I could go on and on – we truly did grow up in the best of times in the best place!

~Barbara C. Glover

The day I picked up your book from Wilson's Store, I came home and couldn't put it down until reading it from cover to cover. The book is absolutely wonderful and I thank you for signing it for us. My entire childhood flashed before my mind and it made me feel like life was still like it to use to be, only things around us changed.

I wish people had the time to simply sit on a porch and talk like they had all the time in the world. There are way too many distractions for most of us to do that, and yet I think it boils down to what really matters the most.

I am amazed at all the topics you were able to cover in your book. Even though you lived in the country and I grew up in town, our way of life paralleled. I was blessed, just as you were to have a wonderful family, church we attended, store across the street owned by my grandparents and a cottage we lived in most every summer.

I am sure people try to relate to you their own stories, and I can't help myself; your book brings out that desire in me too.

~Carol W. Collins


Everett, I loved your book! So many memories came flooding back. I learned some historical facts that I did not know.

~Dawn Lemes

John C. Carney, Jr.

Everett, Thank you for the signed copy of your book. I appreciate your saving me a copy from the sold out first edition. I've already read the first several chapters. What a great treasure of history and memories!

Member of Congress

Marty A. Laroche

Everett, Your book was most amazing and brought back so many good memories of good people in our neighborhood. It's so sad that many have passed away with only memories remembered.It was a great life "Growin' Up Country!" It was so nice to be able to identify with most all the people and families in your book. Thank you for mentioning my family. Every time I pick up your book it takes me back to our neighborhood and my childhood. We are so fortunate to have such good memories and thanks to you for bring them once again to the forefront. You're the BEST!